Apple Watch & Home Automation


Controlling your home’s temperature, lights, and audio from your wrist? If it’s a technology that’s available, Elite Media will be the ones to find out and let you know what’s possible.

Because we wanted to be sure we had the potential answers to our customers’ questions, we set our own watches for an early alarm on Friday, April 3rd. How early? 3:00 a.m., the moment that pre-sales for the Apple Watch began.

With bleary eyes, we placed viagra online pharmacy an order for two watches to ensure that we’d have them delivered on Friday, April 24th, the first day that the watches would be available to the public. Having the latest technology options — and understanding how they can best be used by our customers — is the type of extra step we like to take for customer service.

And yes, if you ask nicely, we’ll be happy to show off the bells and whistles of our new acquisitions. We’ll even give you the time if needed.