New Construction

This project  features a new home in the Weston / Wellesley, MA area.   Construction started in the Spring of 2013.   We”ll cover the project from start to finish, and add pictures of the various phases of the audio, video, automated shades, and lighting control.

Phase 1 – Construction & Pre-wire

Once the house was framed, our technicians spent a couple of days running wires for our equipment.   We install the necessary low voltage wires, including quality speaker cable for the numerous built-in speakers throughout the home, HDMI cables for video, and Cat 5 cables for home networking.

This residence is also being pre-wired for automated shades in a number of locations, along with lighting control.

Line voltage wires must be installed by electricians, but we stay in contact with the electrical contractor and the general contractor throughout the project.

Prior to any construction, meetings between the new homeowners, the contractor, and Elite Media were held to plan the system details.

Stay tuned for Phase 2 details later!