Design Home 2013

Boston Magazine’s Design Home 2013

Boston Magazine’s 7th design home is located at The Concordia, condominium project situated on a beautiful stretch of coastline in Swampscott, MA.  We are pleased to be the technology partner for the 2013 design home, and are working closely with Paradise Construction, also of Swampscott.  The Concordia’s architect is Robert Zarelli of Marblehead.  The interior design was tastefully created by Jerry Rippetoe and Tony Sienicki, from Cape Neddick, Maine.  Barry Turkanis, a Swampscott native, is the developer for The Concordia.

At The Concordia, Elite Media Solutions installed video and audio components in the  3,687 square-foot ocean-front unit.   One product that most people may be unfamiliar with is the impressive Bose Videowave II television.   This set is not your typical slim profile TV, but a true entertainment system with extraordinary audio performance anchored by a special 7 element speaker array and advanced digital signal processing for amazing cinematic effects completely built into the TV housing.   Thus it is unnecessary to deploy actual surround speakers.  The Bose Videowave II is featured in the Media Room at the Design Home.

The Design Home will open for tours beginning in September 2013.  Tickets are $25.00, with 100% of the proceeds going to Children’s Hospital in Boston.  For more information and tickets, please click here.

We will post completed interior photos of the Boston Design Home in September of 2013, once the unit opens for tours.