We aren't your father's TV store. We probably were his TV store back in the day, but we're much more than that. Our mission is to help you integrate technology with style into your home so it is more energy efficient, safer, and simply more enjoyable for you, your family, and guests.


Home Theater

This is where the magic comes together. Imagine a special retreat where pictures, sounds, and design transport you away from the routines of everyday life. An inviting space that will become everyone’s favorite room awaits you, your family, and envious friends. Although the technical design components of a dedicated home theater are many, we’ve designed and installed amazing theaters for our clients throughout Massachusetts. If you want to experience a home theater for yourself, just call us to arrange a demo in our own theater at our Wellesley, MA showroom. We’ll sweat the technical details including the acoustical properties of your room and specify quality components from trusted manufacturers. We’ll work closely with you and others such as your contractor and/or designer to more than meet your expectations. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic of cinema from the comfort of your own home.

Automated Shades

If you think adding motorized window treatments is just for impressing your friends, think again. What if you could save up to 30% on your energy bills? Interested in dramatically extending the life of your furniture, flooring, and protecting artwork from the sun’s harmful rays? If you need custom motorized drapes and shades in the Boston and Wellesley areas and beyond, you’re in the right place! Besides the convenience factor, consider the other benefits of automated window treatments, including: privacy, security enhancements as shades can be put on timers or light-sensors, control heat build-up and reduce air conditioning costs, or let the sunshine in to warm a room in the winter. You can eliminate ugly cords, which is safer for children and pets. Of course, you’ll want a convenient way to control all of your automated shades and drapes, so call us to discuss your plans. It might be the only time you really do want to talk to some shady characters!


Lighting at Your Fingertips

See things with a fresh perspective with smart lighting control and automation. Enjoy the ability to regulate the amount and type of lighting in a given space, while saving energy and providing more ambience to your home. Pre-set lighting scenes provide convenience while setting the right mood – and some nice music doesn’t hurt either.

When combined with automated window treatments, you’re the “Light Master” and able to control both natural and artificial sources with your “special powers.” Control lighting remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or programmed remote – even control the lighting when not home. At Elite Media Solutions, we design lighting control systems and work closely with other professionals on your project to achieve the look and functionality desired. Style, elegance, energy savings, increased security and convenience are a fingertip away.

Seating That Suits You

Our quality seating options will ensure you and your guests are comfortable. From motorized reclining seatbacks and footrests to automatic tray tables, there are many options to select from in addition to the style and fabric. Want a chair with a retractable iPad docking station, concealed cup holder, adjustable height, and aisle lights? No problem! Sectional seating designed for your media room is also available, and may be the perfect fit for your home. Come visit our Wellesley, MA showroom to take some different theater-style chairs on a test ride of your own.


Surveillance Systems

Our clients want to safeguard their loved ones and valuables, so we are pleased to offer reliable video surveillance systems. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to security cameras, so be leery of inexpensive systems from big box stores. Increase your peace of mind while you monitor what is going on in and around your home. Check in from the office or while away on vacation to make sure your dog is not eating the sofa, monitor kids after school or childcare providers, and check contractors working at your property. In the event of a crime, your recorded images can help apprehend the suspect and also serve as a deterrent before a crime is committed. You won’t be able to see us though. We’re invisible.

A/V Storage

Some people like to show off their electronics, while others prefer to keep their stuff out of sight. Whatever your preference, the furniture that houses your system components has a big responsibility. Furniture for A/V gear must allow access to the equipment and mitigate heat – the archenemy of electronics! Actually, water is the biggest enemy, so avoid both! Anyway, if you decide to go the custom cabinetry route, we have relationships with some of the area’s finest woodworkers. Please remember to consult with us before the hammers start flying in order to save headaches down the road…like the time there wasn’t any electricity in the cabinet,or the time the speaker wouldn’t fit…we could go on.

Our specialized A/V furniture is available in various styles to match your décor, and boasts features such as vibration dampening construction, ventilation and/or active cooling, cable management, proper space for speakers when needed, and the ability to have remote control signals pass through the cabinet like a hot knife through butter. Most of our furniture products are made right here in the USA!

Elite Media Integration Specialist Marc works on a structured wiring panel.

Fast & Wireless

The technology of today and tomorrow relies on a robust home network to function properly. Unfortunately, most home computer networks are not up to the task. Before streaming music and video became commonplace, you didn’t have to worry about this issue. We refer to that as the good old days…but times change and so have we. Most network professionals are working with business clients and are not interested in coming out to your home. Although they may be good network administrators, they probably don’t have the experience working with distributed music, video, surveillance, shades and lighting, and the residential control systems involved in many of today’s projects.

We provide high-quality network components and services for our clients. Having a robust, enterprise-grade home network can be the difference between enjoying your system to the fullest, or lots of frustration, and nobody wants that. If you are losing connectivity in parts of your home or outside on the deck, or if you have time to go to Yoga or the gym while waiting to connect to the web, then give us a call.

Outdoor TVs and Sound Systems

Picture a relaxing summer gathering in your yard. Friends admire your nice landscape while sipping a cold drink. Music sets the tone for the gathering and plays at a comfortable volume, yet sounds clear and warm – like the water in the pool. When planning an upgrade to your outdoor space,call us to discuss music and video. Specialty televisions built to survive the elements have extra-bright, non-glare screens and outdoor speaker offerings continue to improve in sound quality and design. We have great sounding and looking speaker solutions because the speaker in the fake rock is so 1990s.

Among today’s best outdoor speaker systems are low-profile arrays designed to look like small landscape lights, while a separate subwoofer buried in the ground handles the bass. You’ll enjoy very high quality music in a controlled manner so you won’t bother the neighbors. You could if you wanted to, though.