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A couple of our vans onsite at a job somewhere in Boston, MA

Some of our techs on scene in Boston.

If you need service, we want to help.   You can call us, or just fill out the request form on this page to get the process rolling.  Sometimes we find that a client doesn’t have a service issue at all, but just needs a minor adjustment.   Below we’ve explained some of these symptoms, and a few tips for you to try and take care of it on your own.    Because there are a number parts to your system, it is also true that service problems can stem from problems with your cable or internet provider.   No matter what it is, our expert technicians will make every effort to get your system back up as quickly as possible.

  1.  Symptom: My TV is frozen!  Sometimes explained as “my TV won’t change channels.”

We don’t make cable boxes, although those little boxes tend to cause us more headaches than anything else.  Sometimes your cable or satellite box may get hung-up.  When this happens, it is rarely anything to do with the equipment we installed, but it is still annoying.

Try this:  Unplug your cable or satellite box.  Go do something else for a couple of minutes.   Come back and plug in the box.  This easy remedy works often, and we just saved you a service call!   If it happens a lot, then we suggest calling your provider (Comcast, Verizon, DTV, etc.) and tell their customer service what is happening and request a new box.

2.  Symptom: My remote is not working!

Before activating the EMS system – Elite Media Service! – and if you feel up to it, take a look at your components and look for one of these little wires and see if it came off a piece of your equipment.  If you re-attach it over the part of the component that receives signals, you’ll be back in business.  You can likely tell where this was by looking for a mark from the adhesive from the emitter.

Also, don’t forget to keep your remote properly charged or replace the batteries if you have a non-rechargeable older model.

3.  Symptom: My streaming music system is cutting out.

 It is unlikely that there is anything wrong with your music device.  When this occurs, the problem is likely interference on your network. You wireless network may not be strong enough in some parts of your home, or you may be experiencing network interference!  Remember when we suggested a beefy home network to you?  Many consumer-grade network products are just not good quality, with a few exceptions.

Before calling us, if possible check and make sure your internet connection is working.  Can you get online?  If you want to take it to the next level, you can make sure that your Sonos or other streaming devices and any controllers (like your computers, smartphones, or iPad) are also updated and using the most recent version of the application.   One other option for Sonos is to try this:

    • Place your safety goggles on and have a fire extinguisher standing by.
    • From your computer, go to your Sonos app.
    • At the top, click on Sonos, then check for updates.
    • Complete the updates, if any, then select PREFERENCES.
    • From there, go to ADVANCED
    • Try changing your wireless channel to something different from the drop down list.

When you are listening to Sonos, is it still cutting out?  If yes, then you were having network interference.  Ka-bam!  Let’s Rock! Beyond that, you’ll likely need a service call so we can investigate further.

 4.  Symptom:  My gear isn’t turning on.

Suggestions: Try talking nicely to it, maybe ask how it’s day was.  Perhaps having a nice dinner together would help also? Ok, just having a little fun there.  With the risk of sounding obvious, could something possibly be unplugged?  Do you have a power/surge protector? Is it on?  Did someone hit the button on a power strip someplace by accident?   Not to make sweeping (or vacuuming) generalizations, but kids and cleaning people frequently accidentally cause things to become unplugged or switched off.  This is why we prefer to mount our equipment whenever possible in a rack that is in a safe location with good ventilation.

5.  Symptom:  My TV looks “weird” or “too real” or the motion is “too smooth.”

Although people describe this issue differently, it is known as the “Soap Opera Effect.”  You can call it SOE if you want to sound cool.  This effect has to do with attempts at smoothing out moving images, something that LCD televisions (which include LED sets) all have a little trouble with.  The motion smoothing feature can actually make your movies look like a cheap soap opera.  Some people may like it, but most of our clients do not.  The weird thing is that many televisions default to having this feature active when a television is first plugged in to improve the motion blur.

Different TV manufacturers refer to the motion blur technology differently, but it can be adjust by drilling down into the menu choices.   For a Samsung, which is what we sell the most of lately, here are a few steps to take care of the SOE:

    • Run a firmware update
    • If that does not completely fix it, then follow these menu options:  MENU – PICTURE – PICTURE OPTIONS – AUTO MOTION PLUS.  Then, you’ll want to clear that feature, or select custom and set Judder Reduction to zero.

6.  Picture brightness changes – In an effort to enhance energy savings, your Samsung display will adapt to the light level in the room.     Go into the Eco Sensor feature and the Energy Savings options to adjust these settings.  You can turn off the Eco Sensor if you prefer.  On the other hand, maybe you are going to pass out, but let’s hope not.

To request a service appointment, please complete the form below.   As an alternative, call as at (781) 237-2929, but the form is the best way to get the service wheels turning!


Our Service Policies:

  • There is a minimum service charge of $125.00 for us to send a technician to your home or business, unless our service warranty period is still in effect of course!  
  •  If you require an appointment outside these times, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request, but additional charges may apply for non-standard appointment times.  
  • We will give you a time for your appointment, but please realize this is an estimate.  If we’re running late, we will call you to let you know of our estimated arrival time
  • Sorry, but we are not able to install a non-standard application on your computer, tablet, or phone that is not supported by our manufacturers.