Complete Your Home Theater Experience with the Proper Seating

After installing a home theater, the perfect addition to complete the theater experience is home theater seating. After all, you should enjoy your entertainment in utmost comfort. Installing comfortable, functional seating has its benefits and is easier than you might think.

Photo Credit: Fortress Seating

Photo Credit: Fortress Seating

Theater seating is fully customizable to fit your needs. If you’re working with a small space, seating can be built to your space’s specifications with zero-clearance and yet still fully recline – even when placed directly against a wall. Seating can be built with manual or motorized reclining functions and can also include a leg rest if desired.

Think of the seats at a deluxe cinema. Now think of those seats in your home and you have the ultimate theater experience. Theater seating is built to help you withstand long periods of binge watching your favorite movies. To discover more about home theater seating, visit our showroom at 9 Forest Street in Wellesley Hills and spend a few minutes in our home theater.

Balancing Your TV Location and Interior Design – 5 Tips

Note: This post originally appeared on the Boston Design Guide Blog!   Check it out by clicking here!

Just like real estate, location is a top consideration when it comes to televisions – especially in a multi-use room where most of us watch TV.  Your display should fit the room.  Whereas some people just focus on selecting a “gi-normous” flat-panel television, I think it is important to consider the design elements in the space and integrate the display accordingly. Remember the following bits of advice:

  • No law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires mounting a television over the fireplace.
  • Don’t ruin your relationship with your significant other by arguing over-size or locations for your TV.

Although the spot above your fireplace could be a good location for your television, it may not be the look you, your spouse, or your designer envisions for the room.  So, how should you handle the sometimes-delicate balance between design aesthetic and a good location for a flat-panel TV?

Glad you asked!  Many options exist, so be creative and enlist the help of a home entertainment firm experienced with custom installations.  In the alternative, you might try “rock, paper, scissors” or a grueling thumb-wrestling tournament with the winner getting to decide.  In the meantime, here are five things to consider when thinking about TV placement:

Option 1 – Acceptance

A flat panel television may not be the most beautiful thing in the world. The good news is that many of today’s televisions do look better – maybe at least a seven I’d say.  Besides being extremely thin like me (big lie), the edge bezel is almost non-existent on many of the newer models, meaning more glass and a nicer overall appearance.  Learning to accept your TV is the least expensive option.  Just learn to embrace the look and then have your TV installed on a quality mount or on a cabinet by a professional so that no wires or cables are visible and it is at the correct height, etc.  There a wide variety of mounts available, from fixed to fully articulating low-profile options.

Option 2 – Here’s Lookin’ at You

Whether turned on or off, this TV from Seura looks fantastic and blends nicely with your decor.

Whether turned on or off, this TV from Seura looks fantastic and blends nicely with your decor.

Here’s an idea! Just buy some really expensive fabric and drape the TV with it.  I call this “Swag-o-Vision.” When you want to watch a movie, just carefully remove the fabric and…Ta-dah!

Ok, this is a clearly a silly idea, but wait… what if your television didn’t even look like a television? What if your television transformed itself into an attractive framed mirror as soon as the “Off” button on your remote or iPad was selected? Such options are readily available.  Seura makes fantastic displays that become mirrors when powered off, and they have over 100 frames available in various styles and shapes as long as it is a rectangle. Seura TVs are available from a 32” to a 65” and I’ll add that they are nice folks and build a premium product.   Yes, you will pay more for one of their sets, but this option may be a great idea for your room.

Option 3 – Night at the Museum 

Perhaps you don’t love the mirror idea and you really wanted artwork over the fireplace or at another location in your room that would also be a good spot for your display.  No problem, you can have both! We can take care of that by using a moving frame that holds artwork, hiding the TV until you’re ready to watch.  The entire frame can move out-of-the-way vertically or horizontally, or your art can roll up out-of-the-way to reveal the screen.   Personally, I like a painting of a television to hide the television, but I’m a rebel.  I like the products available from Media Décor, and you can click here to see some of the art frame options available.

Option 4 – “TV?  We Don’t Need No TV!” 

Like the line above from the 1948 film, Treasure of the Sierra Madre referencing proper law enforcement identification, and later used in Blazing Saddles of course, you could decide to just go without. NO TV?  Many of you are likely surprised that a TV, music, and smart-home professional is suggesting this option.

Please allow me to explain. How about considering something larger than any readily available flat-panel that provides an amazing viewing experience, and then just disappears?  Just call me The Wizard of Awes.

Just add a projector and a retractable screen. Problem solved! People sometimes fail to consider projection systems and think they only belong in a dedicated home theater.   Today’s projectors and screens may be a great choice in certain rooms, even multi-purpose rooms.  Screens are available in many sizes, allow the viewing of different video formats, and can retract up into your ceiling or a soffit when not in use.    It’s tricky if you ask us to hide an 80-inch TV, but we can hide a large retractable screen without ruining your view.

One of our current projects involves a luxury hi-rise condo in Boston with great views.  You can see the State House and skyline from there, but not Russia.  The resident’s view will be clear when not watching a movie or TV, because the 120” screen will retract at the touch of button.   The projector can be hidden in some applications as well, and some projectors can be ordered in custom colors and boast sports car-like curves.

Option 5 – Need a Lift?

Another way to get your TV out of sight is by using a motorized lift to move your TV effortlessly in and out of a cabinet, the ceiling, the floor, or even out from below your bed!   Yes, that is going to set you back a pretty penny or two.  Mechanisms can also swivel the display, so different configurations are possible depending on the project requirements. Furniture with lifts pre-installed are available, but may not suit your specific purpose or taste.  One popular option is a cabinet at the foot of the bed with a lift for the TV.


When planning a location for your display, don’t forget wires and cable requirements along with thinking about where the other components of your system will be installed. Be creative, and reach out to professionals to help you integrate video, music and other products into your home with style, no matter what your décor.

Steve McDonough is Vice President at Elite Media Solutions of Wellesley, MA.  You can learn more by visiting their new website and blog at, or email Steve at

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Motorized Shades & Drapes – Wellesley & Boston

For many years, Elite Media Solutions has been a leader in the A/V scene, but did you know we also sell and install automated window treatments such as motorized shades and draperies?  Automated window treatments are visually appealing and come in a variety of styles, such as:


Call Elite Media for your automated shades and draperies!

  • Roller Shades
  • Skylight
  • Roman Shades
  • Honeycomb Shades
  • Blinds
  • Draperies

The increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets as automation controllers, along with greater choices in fabrics and power options are making automated (also known as motorized) shades and draperies more popular than ever.    All this is great, but perhaps the most important new advancement pertains to installing shades in existing homes.

Not long ago, adding automated window treatments to an existing home meant a messy and expensive installation because low-voltage wire needed to added inside finished walls.  For today’s homeowner, this is no longer a concern thanks to some clever engineering. For instance, manufacturer QMotion has developed a shading line that is battery-powered. The batteries are commercial-grade D cells, and last between 3 and 5 years depending on usage.  The QMotion shades are a fantastic option for anyone with a window! Installation costs are much lower thanks to this technology.

Sure, it looks cool when window treatments move at the touch of a button from your smartphone, but don’t forget significant benefits such as:

  • Protect furniture, rugs, and artwork from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Enhance security by using automatic settings to open and close window treatments, or just change them remotely
  • Privacy
  • Great for large or hard to reach windows
  • Control views outside your home
  • Absence of cables or cords –  safer for kids and pets, and adds a sleek appearance
  • Energy Management – help control the temperature inside your home
  • Pre-set options so shades open at a specified time in the morning, or close at night-time along with your lighting, etc.

Of course, the pros at Elite Media can integrate your window treatments to work in conjunction with your smart home control system, so that your lighting, shades, and audio-visual systems can function together from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device in most cases. Other control options exist as well, such as advanced remote controls.

We can easily work with you and/or your designer, so you get the look you want for your home or office.   When you are looking for automated shades or motorized draperies, whether you live near Boston, the Back Bay, Weston, Natick, Wellesley, Wayland, Dover, Sherborn, Hingham, Norfolk, Medfield, or on Cape Cod, just call us at (781) 237-2929 to schedule a consultation.

Click here to see a video of automated shades in action!    This preview is approved for all audiences.   Please don’t tell anyone how it ends…