Why Your Home Computer Network Needs Help

network cables connected to switch

Using quality networking equipment just makes sense.

Home computer networks are expected to do a lot for us these days.  Inexpensive consumer-grade products are not designed to handle the higher demands of audio and video systems, such as distributed music and video, security systems including cameras, and smart-home control systems.  The result is poor quality wi-fi, loss of data, frequent need to reboot, and even product failure.   This results in more service calls, translating into additional expense and frustration.

Other negatives of lower quality “off the shelf” network equipment (routers, switches, wireless access points) include:

  • Producing erratic signals and overall lower performance
  • 90 day or other short-term warranty
  • Built with slow processors
  • Inexpensive hardware
  • Reduced feature sets, no VPN or VLAN capability
  • Firmware changes and incompatible release
  • All in one devices, such as a router/switch combination, is not practical for a more robust home or commercial network

So, if you have an inexpensive router and/or switch, which includes many of the brands that consumers are familiar with, then set your expectations accordingly.

With our homes and systems becoming more connected, babies buying and selling Exchange – Traded Funds on their iPads from their cribs, and many more wireless devices in the typical home, people working from home, it is time for you to seriously consider stepping up your home network infrastructure.  When you step-up to an enterprise grade network, the benefits include:

  • Significantly increased reliability and longevity
  • Faster internal speeds
  • VLAN Capability – Virtual Local area Network, allows prioritizing the devices on the network
  • Enhanced Security
  • Configuration Options (web server GUI, command line interface)
  • Remote Management, including port forwarding
  • Ability to remotely power cycle POE ports
  • Email alerts
  • Error Logging

Enterprise grade networks include higher quality wireless access points (WAPs), including WAPs designed specifically for outdoors, and unique designs for interiors spaces, such as an in-ceiling WAP.  Switches and routers can be rack mounted for a clean appearance, with all cables in the back.

Thus, if you want superior wifi-roaming, stability, quality music and video streaming, clean IP telephone conversations, clear images from IP cameras, and less frustration whether wired or wireless,  then consider moving up to one of our enterprise grade network solutions.

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