KEF Loudspeakers – Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight – KEF Loudspeakers

KEF Muon pair

The KEF Muon Loudspeakers

KEF’s tagline is “innovators in sound.”  Although certainly known for their advanced engineering and design, KEF has a rich history in the loudspeaker industry dating back to 1961.

Founded by former BBC electrical engineer Raymond Cooke (1925-1995), KEF was initially located upon the premises of the Kent Engineering & Foundry (KEF), located on the banks of the River Medway in Kent, England.

Throughout the years, KEF has earned a solid reputation for their high-performing loudspeakers and advancing technology in loudspeaker design.  The list of KEF’s technological innovations is long and significant, and KEF was the first company to use computers in loudspeaker testing and design.   Dating back to the 1970s, KEF’s Reference Series Model 105 featured three drive units, the top two being mounted in separate housings above the main enclosure.  These speakers, like many of KEF’s products, received excellent reviews for their natural sound quality and stereo imaging.  Today, their Reference Series speakers, updated and refined, continue to offer an exceptional listening experience.

Another major technology milestone developed by KEF is the Uni-Q driver.  Not be confused with a Unicorn, the Uni-Q driver incorporated a neodymium/iron/boron magnetic material developed by NASA that had ten times the power of standard speaker magnets.  As explained on the KEF website, “this advancement was a giant step for mankind as KEF engineers could make a tweeter small enough to be mounted at the acoustic heart of the bass unit coil, providing for the first time a single point source of sound.”  This design allowed the optimum listening area in any room to be significantly expanded.

If you are interested in speaker design or reading more about KEF, they have an informative website at which includes many images of their past designs.

Today, innovation at KEF remains strong as evidenced by their top two offerings for audiophiles – especially audiophiles with some spare cash.  The Muon is made from aluminum, and frankly, it has a curvy shape that makes we want to take one, or perhaps the pair,  out on a date.  The Muon was built to be the best you can get, and only 100 pairs were produced, with a price tag of $140,000.00.   They are about 6.5 feet tall and combine the ultimate in design and performance.   Please ship mine to my house, thank you very much.


The KEF Blades, shown in white

KEF also produces the Blade, which consistently gets rave reviews and is marketed as the world’s first single apparent source loudspeaker.  The Blade was made to commemorate KEF’s 50th anniversary, and creates stunning stereo imaging and natural sound reproduction.  Although not inexpensive, many experts feel that performance of these speakers more than justifies the price tag of $30,000.00.   Click here to learn more about the Blade, and see a nifty video on the KEF website!   The Blades are available in traditional finishes, and custom colors are available.

Next in the current KEF line-up is the Reference series, one of my personal favorites.   The R Series sound fantastic, and are quite versatile, performing admirably in a home theater setting.  In my media room, I use R500s for the mains, an R200 for the center channel, and R100s for my surround speakers.  Following the R Series are the Q and C lines, which include floor standing models,  bookshelf and/or stand mounted speakers, and a center channel for home theater applications.   The Qs, are moderately priced, yet offer a rich sound.

KEF also produces quality home theater systems, including the T series which is a low profile design with high-profile performance.

If you would like to hear KEF speakers for yourself, please contact me directly at to schedule an appointment at our Wellesley, MA showroom.   We have a variety of KEF speakers in stock, including a beautiful pair of Reference Series floor standing speakers and a variety of speakers from the R series.

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