Save Energy with an Automated Energy Management System

Savant Systems

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Let’s face it – caring for your home is already a lot of work, but a complete automated home energy management system – like a system from Savant Systems – can take much of that concern away.

Home automation and automated home energy management comes with many benefits and energy savings might just be the most beneficial. Tools such as these provide users with complete control of their homes through an easy-to-use smartphone app. Forgot to shut off the lights? Not a problem! Want to turn the heat up a few notches while on your way home? Go for it!

Savant Systems

Photo Credit: Savant Systems

Home automation may sound expensive at first, but the savings really do add up. According to Energy Star, a programmable/automated thermostat can save approximately $180 annually. Your thermostat is only part of it, though. Appliances can be programmed to run during non-peak hours. Lights can be set to turn off when no one is in the room. Sprinklers can be set to run at night. All of this in an effort to control costs and save precious natural resources by operating on an efficient schedule. Homeowners may also find savings through their homeowner’s insurance for installing such systems. It’s recommended to check with your insurer to see what discounts are available.

In addition to the energy savings, home automation provides peace-of-mind. Your home can be controlled via a convenient smartphone app, meaning you can control the locks, lights, garage door, everything from wherever you are. Many home automation systems include security cameras that can also be viewed and controlled from your smartphone. Many of these tools are key in deterring thieves by making it appear someone is home.

Whatever your motivation is for installing home automation tools in your home, we can help develop the right systems or you.

Complete Your Home Theater Experience with the Proper Seating

After installing a home theater, the perfect addition to complete the theater experience is home theater seating. After all, you should enjoy your entertainment in utmost comfort. Installing comfortable, functional seating has its benefits and is easier than you might think.

Photo Credit: Fortress Seating

Photo Credit: Fortress Seating

Theater seating is fully customizable to fit your needs. If you’re working with a small space, seating can be built to your space’s specifications with zero-clearance and yet still fully recline – even when placed directly against a wall. Seating can be built with manual or motorized reclining functions and can also include a leg rest if desired.

Think of the seats at a deluxe cinema. Now think of those seats in your home and you have the ultimate theater experience. Theater seating is built to help you withstand long periods of binge watching your favorite movies. To discover more about home theater seating, visit our showroom at 9 Forest Street in Wellesley Hills and spend a few minutes in our home theater.

Changing Providers? Take These Steps Before the Service Call

According to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index survey, the least popular industries in the U.S. last year were internet service providers and subscription television services. Customers get fed up and decide to switch providers, figuring another option has got to be better than their current service.

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If you’re planning to switch providers, be sure and contact Elite Media first. One of the most common calls we get from our clients is that their universal remote isn’t working any longer or the home network is acting funny. And far too often the reason is the homeowner has changed providers and needs us to re-program their remote or system.

How can you avoid this happening to you?

Call us before you schedule your service call. We can plan to have one of our technicians on hand as soon as your new service is up and running so you’re never sitting at home with a remote that isn’t working and unable to access your favorite programs.

Don’t be reactive. Be proactive!

Video: Working With Partners to Provide the Best Client Experience

When a client is looking for a custom job that fits all of his or her needs, it’s important that all the vendors working to make this happen are in harmony. Is this the experience you are having with the team making upgrades to your home?

 This brief video explains our philosophy at Elite Media Solutions, focusing on our working relationship with Bevilacqua Builders in Wellesley.