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If you are looking for home entertainment and smart home products from the finest manufacturers of audio, video,  cabinets designed your electronics, theater seating, surveillance cameras, home automation or motorized shades and draperies, Elite Media is your A/V solution!

As a leading Massachusetts A/V dealer, manufacturers oftentimes request our feedback on their products. When a product is not living up to our own high standards or has recurring service issues, we find alternatives.   Our goal is to select the highest quality components  for your project, just as though we were installing it in our own home.  Unlike some warehouse -type stores, we don’t suggest a specific product just because we have a massive overstock in a warehouse. If you don’t see a specific brand below that you have an interest in, please just call our sales department to inquire.  Let’s work together to design a system that exceeds your expectations and is easy to operate.

A family enjoying a home theater and media solutionsComputer Networking

The backbone of today’s home entertainment and technology is the computer network – both wired and wireless.   Installing cheap network equipment is a recipe for spotty performance, stress and frustration down the road.  We’ve learned through some trial and error that inexpensive network equipment is inexpensive for a reason, and are pleased to offer enterprise-grade products from Pakedge and Access Networks.

access networks digital foundation of the home logo

Access Networks

Pakedge Alternate home media device and software

Motorized Shades & Draperies

Despite what you may think, automated window treatments do not have to break the bank and only be installed at the time of construction.   Perhaps you already received a quote for some motorized shades, followed by chest pain and fainting due to the price tag?  Historically, there were not a lot of vendors for motorized shades and draperies (motors sound loud, but today’s shades are whisper quiet!), but other companies are producing fantastic options at better price points.


So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with great products from two excellent manufacturers.  Did you know there are shades that operate on batteries for existing homes without low-voltage wiring in place?    Call Elite Media to learn more about fabric choices and today’s most advanced installation techniques.

Mecho automated shades
Qmotion automated systems and shades


Media and Theater Furniture, Seating, and Accessoriesfortress home theater seating

Now that your new system is designed and you are looking forward to enjoying great music and video, why not check out our selection of theater and/or multi-purpose seating?  Our seating products are finely crafted, offering years of enjoyment and comfort.   Many styles and fabric choices are available, or you can provide your own fabric for a truly custom look.  One trend is “lifestyle” seating consisting of sectional-type designs, offering flexibility and a different style than individual chairs.  We’re happy to help you select quality cabinets, racks, shelves, stands, and mounts for all of your components from our great selection of products.  Your components deserve a safe, nurturing environment, right?

Salamander home theater seating
Fortress luxury seating logo
acoustic smart home theater interior

High Definition, Ultra HD &  3D Televisions

Samsung OLED TV

It’s an exciting time (again) for televisions, with some interesting new products hitting the market.   Plasma is making a resurgence, while ultra high-definition (UHD) displays are on the market along with OLED (organic light emitting diode) screens now available with a curved screen to provide an immersive experience.   Whether you want your TV to be the center of attention, or have it look like a mirror or framed artwork when it is off, our experts will help you select the best television for your situation, then make sure it is installed and set up properly.

Bose audio systems
Samsung televisions and technology
Suera televisions and mirrors


Sony televisions and media technology
Sharp televisions, LCDs & LED's
Runco projectors and home theater systems

A/V Componentsmarantz amp hover audio equipment and systems

The pieces of your entertainment system may not command the same visual attention as your flat screen display or projector, but they are just as important.  In fact, they are more important in many ways!   You want to feed your speakers and your display the very best signals possible.  Otherwise, think of it as putting bad gas in your nice new car!   If you purchase a nice new television, does it really make sense to then buy a “disposable” disc player for it?   Quality built components are more expensive, but they will provide much better performance and last longer than items with inferior build quality and internal parts.     If you are outfitting a kid’s room and your son or daughter likes to put peanut butter or frogs in your disc player, then we can understand the concept of purchasing a “disposable player”, but for other purposes, you WILL be able to appreciate the difference.

Cambridge audio company
Bose audio systems and technology
Integra audio and home theater systems


Denon audio systems and home audio technology
NAD audio technology and home theater audio systems
OPPO blue ray and home audio technology
Project audio technology and systems


Sonos wireless audio systems
Sony audio systems and equipment
Crown audio amplifiers and systems
Yamaha audio equipment and systems


Synthesis home theater audio systems

Media Serverskaleidescape movie brochure

Media servers must feel like Rodney Dangerfield sometimes since some people don’t give them any respect.   What can you do with a media server?   Plenty!  How about storing your music and movie collection in extremely high quality, and distributing that content around your home?   Some media servers will also stream content, and provide an exceptional user interface.   For example, the user experience provided by Kaleidescape is exceptional, providing detailed information about movies, including helpful parental controls.   The Autonomic Mirage music server is another one of our favorites, providing high-quality music streaming beyond that offered by some other manufacturers.

Fusion home media servers
Kaleidescape blue ray and home media servers
Autonomic CMYK mirage audio systems and media servers



JBL Synthesis Everest Loudspeaker

Selecting speakers can be somewhat overwhelming due to the choices available.  We sell trusted brands that we have in our own homes, or wish we did in some instances!  From floor-standing to the ceiling and everything in between, our selection of   speakers covers the entire spectrum, no matter what your application or budget.  Most recently, we’re pleased to announce the addition of Revel and JBL, part of the Harmon Luxury Audio Group.

Bose loudspeakers
Boston Acoustics loudspeakers
KEF audio and loudspeaker systems
Leon audio systems


vienna loudspeakers
sonance loudspeakers
Bay Audio Loudspeakers
Sonos audio systems and loudspeakers


Soundcast loudspeakers
jbl synthesis loudspeakers
revel loud speakers

Home Automation & Control SystemHome automation and control systems

The number of smart home automation companies continues to grow.   We’ve tried a few other systems, but we feel Savant and URC fit the needs of our clients the best.   Savant is also a Massachusetts company, based right in Hyannis.   A control system has many benefits and the number of homes with control systems continues to grow every year.   Besides adjusting your music and video, how does the ability to adjust different zones for heat and air conditioning, monitor your security and surveillance camera systems, turn on the hot tub, control lighting and window treatments, and unlock or lock a door sound?  Of course, this is all done conveniently from your smartphone, tablet, or other control device, and you can access your systems even when you are not home.

savant home automation and control systems
URC control systems and home automation


Lighting ControlLighting control system and software

Intelligent lighting control systems provide a sophisticated way to control the lighting in and around your residence.  Innovative system controls not only allow the setting of various scenes to help set the mood, allow for a quick exit without touring your entire home to shut off the lights, and greatly enhance security.  Another benefit of lighting control is being able to avoid “wall acne” as one stylish, backlit switch can replace numerous traditional switches.    Lighting control also helps you mange your energy usage and save money on your electricity.

Savant lighting control systems           URC lighting control systems

Surveillance Cameras / VideoSurveillance cameras and systems

In the summer of 2013, one of clients and his family were suddenly awakened by the sound of breaking glass at about 3:00 am.  As it turned out two culprits were trying to break into the family’s garage, which contained several high-end cars.  Most likely, the suspects did not think anyone was home, and the police were called.   The family had Elite Media Solutions install surveillance cameras a number of months before this inciudent, and the video footage provided good images of the suspects to the police, leading to identification of the two young men.   Surveillance cameras can provide peace of mind whether checking in on your children or pets from the office, or keeping an eye out on your property while traveling.

ICR surveillance cameras and systems

runco projectorProjectors and Screens

For a truly cinematic experience, nothing compares to a quality projector and a large screen.   Projectors are increasingly installed in multi-purpose rooms, and screens can completely retract into the ceiling or a sofit.  Projector technology and options can be confusing, so let us help you wade through the information and make an informed decision on a quality projector and screen.


Sim2 projectors and screens
Stewart screens and projectors
Runco projectors and screens


DA lite home theater projectors and screens
JVC projectors and home theater screens
Sony screens and projectors